Inclement Weather Policy - UPDATED 1/10/2018

We have made some updates to our current inclement weather policy in order to clarify the policy and ensure the safety of our clients and staff while also providing the most consistent services in winter months. As always, we feel that the safety of our clients and our staff comes first, so adjustments may need to be made on an individual basis; we ask our clients and our staff to communicate with one another in a timely manner in the event that an adjustment needs to be made.

For center based services, The Children’s SPOT Center will follow HCPS weather related closing for HCPS Administrative office closings. This is different than the previous policy that closed when schools were closed.

Delayed openings and early closings will be made at the discretion of The Children’s SPOT administration. This will be posted by 8am on our Facebook page for early dismissals and 2 pm for early closings.

For home based services, it will be at the therapist’s and client’s discretion to have the session or to cancel. Your therapist will be in contact with you in the event of a cancellation, or you may contact them as well to cancel or confirm.